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Public speaking

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According to Laura Spencer  “Words have been proven to have the powerful effect of informing, persuading, educating, and even entertaining.”

Words from the mouth of the right speaker, possess the power to steer and fire up a person to make a change in either the right or wrong direction.

Public Speaking as a form of communication has evolved over time to mean speaking to an audience face-to-face, virtually or by means of pre-recorded speeches.

Interestingly, as pivotal as public speaking is, it remains the most dreaded form of communication.

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How to get over the fear of public speaking

  • Know your specific field and material, very well: The better you understand what you’re talking about, the less likely you are to make a mistake or get off track.
  • Practice in front of other people and get constructive feedbacks: Do this so you can see opportunities for improvement. Learn to practice over and over again because in doing so, you become good at it.
  • Try to consider worst case scenarios and find ways to contain them.
  • Learn to outline your specific concerns, and then identify possible alternative outcomes from different angles.
  • Learn to create a destressing ritual that works best for you, like inhaling and exhaling using your diaphragm, this exercise helps to calm you as well as slow your heart rate. Counting backwards or forwards also helps to tilt and sharpen your focus.
  • Learn to slow down during your presentation: Give focus to your material and not your audience, because people mainly pay attention to the new information they are hearing and not necessarily how it is presented.
  • Let your passion precede perfection: As a speaker, it is more important to form a connection with your audience that keeps them interested in learning more of what you are about, rather than focusing much on giving a flawless speech.

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Why is public speaking Important?

Gaining mastery in public speaking helps an individual boost his or her confidence and with that comes the development of the skill of persuasion.

  1. One of the paramount aspects of public speaking is the ability to give informative speeches in your specialized work field.
  2. Public speaking has the power to motivate an audience to either do something, cease doing something, adjust behaviour, or reach objectives.


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