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Executive Learning & Development - ELD

ELD in Brief

The speed and magnitude of change happening in the world today, fueled largely by the advancement in technology, and post-pandemic digital acceleration, are drastically reshaping the way we live, work and learn. These shifts are rendering systems and what we know obsolete quicker than we ever imagined. 

A further fallout of the change is that competitions are emerging from the least expected places, and they are stiff by every stroke of imagination.

Executive Learning and DevelopmentELD – is a tailored programme designed to help CEOs, C-suite Executives, Founders, etc. anticipate, respond to, and/or stay in touch with the changing times. 

To continue to perform optimally in the marketplace, sustainably, especially in developing economies like Nigeria, as a matter of necessity, you must be a continuous learner.

So to remain competitive and operate on the leading edge of your industry or profession, choose to engage our Executive Learning and Development team today for your next retreat/training, or participate in our next executive development programme. 

These programmes are delivered by top-level professionals.

See below a few of the broad segments of our ELD Programmes:

Designed Programmes

Executive Leadership Masterclass

  • If competitiveness and sustainability are critical to you, at both individual and institutional levels, then this masterclass is a perfect fit for you. Below are the key areas of focus:

  1. Learning how to overcome irrelevance.
  2. Winning with innovation.
  3. Developing a ‘glocal’ mindset.
  4. Board-level leadership and governance.
  5. Leading from where you are.
  6. Managing a learning and sustainable organisation.

Founders Mentorship Programme

  • Every founder needs help. The Founders Mentorship Programme was created to offer founders at different stages of their journey the opportunity to connect and receive the help they need. Below are some of the key areas of focus:

  1. Funding.
  2. Market access. 
  3. Marketing.
  4. Product development.
  5. Partnerships.
  6. Governance.
  7. Mergers & Acquisition

Economic Outlook & Country Risk

  • It is an executive-styled business thought leadership session designed to help business, policy, and political leaders make sense of the constant shifts happening in the global economy and across key sectors in Africa, x-raying the implications for business and government. Broadly, the focus is on:

  1. Analysing the economic variables that shape our  medium-to-long-term business success. 
  2.  Analysing how to recognize and use historical patterns to make good economic and business decisions.

The Discipline of Execution

  • The concept of ‘ideas rule the world’ is incomplete for us, rather, we strongly believe that ‘executed ideas rule the world’.  To help individuals and organisations improve their overall performance by raising their ‘execution quotient’, we designed the Discipline of Execution. The focus is on helping individuals and organisations:

  1. Master the art and science of execution.
  2. Build and deepen the culture of execution.
  3. Learn to execute like a pro.