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The more you know about us, the more you will love to work with us. Therefore, you are free to reach out to us about anything you want and need to know about how we can be of great help to you. Send us an email at But before you do, please see if we already answered your questions below.

On request, yes, we will surely be able to advice you on speakers that best fit your bill and occasions. The process requires that you complete an enquiry form to enable us have a better understanding of your event(s) and what your needs are.

A booking with us follows this order: complete an enquiry form; choose a speaker from our recommendations; have a conversation with us and reach agreement on fees and costs; sign a contract; then have an online/telephone/one-on-one meeting with the speaker. Ideally, we advise that this meeting happens about 5 weeks before your event to give the speaker ample time to prepare adequately.

It all depends on a few factors: the speaker you settle for and the activities he/she will be involved in at your event, the nature of the event, location, audience size, recording of the speaker, etc. The speaker’s appearance fee (all details must be discussed prior to deciding fee) ranges from USD 3,000 to USD 45,000+. Except the event is a virtual one, other costs will include the following: return travel from the speaker’s location to your event location (first class for long haul trips, business class for short-haul trips; professional local shuttle car service; a minimum of business class accommodation and meals, where applicable and visa processing fees, where necessary. Whatever your budget is, you can count on us to find you a suitable speaker that will deliver value, satisfactorily.

As soon as the contract is signed we will provide you some documents to help your event marketing and promotions, like the speaker’s updated biosketch, high-resolution headshot picture, publications links and videos where available and needed.

In a situation where a speaker is constrained to cancel his/her speaking appearance due to a circumstance beyond his/her control, we will consider offering you an alternative speaker, subject to your acceptance. Otherwise, we will have your money refunded in full.

If you are a subject matter expert with a professional-level public speaking skill or a top performer and you desire ASG to represent you, please request for a conversation – just or visit this page. We deeply appreciate your interest in being on ASG platform.

Important notes

To eliminate surprises and enable our speakers deliver excellently at your events, here are some boxes to be checked:

Post event follow up

After your event ASG will be requesting for your extensive feedback on the speaker’s performance, audience reactions and general rating, if available. This feedback helps us in the periodic review of our speakers and in our future events planning.