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Why I Wrote The Business Communications Blueprint ‘Influence and Thrive’

Influence and Thrive

You’ve always possessed the superpower to influence people.

Since childhood, you’ve been blessed with the ability to persuade people to get the results you wanted. So, you convinced your parents to get you a favourite toy as a child. As a teenager, you coaxed a friend to support your plans. As an adult, you’ve negotiated terms in an interview or received a better deal at your favourite dealer, salon or club.

But over time, the tide turned. Then due to setbacks and other factors you had little control over, you lost that conviction that you could sway people with your strong communication skills.

But here’s the good news:

You could reclaim your power. Now is the time to be clear about the value you bring. And now is the time to boldly take steps to get the results you deserve.

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I’ve been obsessed with effective business communication for over two decades. And what I’ve discovered is simple: Great communication skills in speech, writing, and interpersonal interactions open doors. They also position you as a person of influence, with or without a ‘big’ title or ‘connections’ to back up your profile.

But your communication should be superb and effective to achieve the desired outcomes. This means it must help you accomplish a goal or bring you closer to a significant result.

Even considering other essential attributes such as credibility, likeability, and executive presence, effective communication is your secret weapon to influencing people and thriving in your arena.

That’s why I spent two years and four months writing and publishing the business communications blueprint Influence and Thrive: How Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, & Corporations Use Effective Communication To Get Results. I wanted to provide a roadmap of effective communication that professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and organisations could use to boost careers or amplify business results for guaranteed impact.

Book trailer

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It reveals best practices (backed by science, e.g., storytelling) and shows you how to use effective communication to get favourable outcomes.

The glowing reviews of the book affirm the book’s value.

To ensure the book’s completeness, I interviewed six professionals and entrepreneurs in various industries: oil and gas, law, medicine, academia, and the media. I dug deep into their experiences and asked the questions you would want to know about why they advocated for effective communication in their fields. They graciously provided valuable insights that will inspire you to take action. The interviewees included US entrepreneur and professional speaker Robin Farmanfarmaian and Emmy-award-winning former CNN anchor and communications expert Gina London.

Buying Influence and Thrive should not be optional — unless you no longer wish to enhance your existing efforts to excel in your career or business. Getting the book and applying what you learn will be the most inexpensive investment you could make to yield consistent results. Trust me on this.

In the video below, I unboxed the first print run for Nigeria and advised you to get the book for everyone you know.

Where to buy Influence and Thrive

This bestselling communication resource is available in numerous libraries, retailers, and outlets in six continents (excluding Antarctica for obvious reasons):

1) Nigeria and African countries

You can buy the PDF version directly from the book’s website.

You could also order the paperback of Influence and Thrive from Roving Heights.

Please email me if you’d prefer the special, limited-colour hardback copies that are unavailable online. The durable, hardback format (with flaps) makes a perfect gift to executives, CEOs, and business leaders.

In South Africa, you could order a copy from Takealot.

2) The US

Grab your Kindle, paperback, and hardback versions from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, or your favourite retailer.

3) The UK

Order from Amazon UK, Waterstones, Blackwell’s, and other outlets.

4) Rest of the world

Excluding Amazon, which ships to over 100 countries, you’d find the book in other international outlets, including: Kobo, Tales (Europe), LibroWorld, DJmocks, Booktopia (Australia), and Wheelers (New Zealand).


Wherever you are in your career or entrepreneurial journey, reclaim your persuasive power and heighten it to serve you well.

Proceed by arming yourself with the knowledge gleaned from Influence and Thrive so that you rediscover the power to influence people ethically.

To your success!


This article was adapted from the original blog post published on the Rethinking Business Communications Blog.

Book images, screenshots of book teaser, and videos are courtesy of Lucille Ossai.

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