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…More than a conduit for ideas

Why Join Us?

We are always excited to bring into our fold new talents; those who are at the very top of their fields of endeavour and those who are well on their way to the top.

Meanwhile, it is always best to start a conversation with any member of our very professional vetting and selection team. Email us at

After a fruitful engagement with our team, you will be advised to proceed with filling the form here.

Why Join our Platform?

  1. We are a team of professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 years in pursuit of excellence in events, projects, and talent management.
  2. We focus on building relationships that enable talents to meet needs and opportunities.
  3. With us, you stand a better chance of earning more, either by charging optimally or by improving the frequency of your engagements.
  4. We understand both sides of the divide, so we are better at identifying needs and opportunities, and knowing speakers and thinkers who are best placed to add the requisite values than individuals pursuing such independently.
  5. We do a lot of marketing, getting the right words out there to the target audience about who does what among those on our platform.
  6. Being on our platform raises your professional profile to a whole new level, placing you among other top talents around the world.
  7. Being on our platform allows you to focus on your most important skills, including the art of speaking.
  8. As a result of our input and commitment to linking talents to opportunities in different fields of endeavour, our platform enables talents’ personal fulfilment and catalyzes various industries’ growth.


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