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Five more exceptional keynote speakers get listed on Africa Speakers Group

March 2024 listed speakers: Mike Asukwo, Obinna Ekezie, Brett StClair, Arne Elias Corneliussen & Dr Aloy Chife

At Africa Speakers Bureau, we are constantly searching for and open to welcoming exceptional talents to join our platform – Africa Speakers Group. So, we find it very thrilling when we succeed in adding new speakers to our ever-growing lineup of grade A keynote speakers. The newly listed speakers include:

Arne Elias Corneliussen
Arne Elias Corneliussen is a geopolitical advisor and global strategist who supports business leaders, financial companies, and policy makers. He is program chair, conference host, moderator, and keynote speaker at Norwegian Risk Forum – NRCI’s annual geopolitical conference focusing on geopolitical risks and business opportunities worldwide.

Arne is now available for booking; wouldn’t you like to have him share critical global insights with the audience at your next major event?

Aloy Chife Ph.D.
Dr. Aloy Chife is a businessman with over three decades of experience working and investing in the technology sector. He currently serves as Managing Partner/CEO of family-owned venture capital firm, Saana Capital, located in Princeton, USA which has portfolio companies in the U.S., Europe and Africa.

Dr Chife is now available for booking; wouldn’t you like to have him add a spark to your next major event.

Brett StClair
Brett StClair, the Co-founder and Chief Connector of Teraflow, is a former Google and Barclays Executive. He is a seasoned professional in building AI and digital solutions. Brett’s primary passion is to identify the world’s Rebel Technologists and assist every business in embracing AI technology. His best-selling keynotes are “Embrace the AI Revolution: Augmented Intelligence” and From Google to Global Banking – Lessons in Leading Digital Change”.

Brett is now available for booking; wouldn’t you like to have him captivate the audience at your next major event with fresh ideas?

Obinna Ekezie
Obinna Ekezie is a former NBA Player. His professional basketball career saw him traverse Vancouver Grizzlies, Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers and Atlanta Hawks.

Obinna is now available for booking; wouldn’t you like the audience at your next big event to gain some insight into what it takes to win big?

Mike Asukwo
Mike Asukwo is a renowned illustrator who works as the Chief Editorial Artist in BusinessDay Media, Nigeria. His illustrations, including capturing the odds in different governments in Nigeria, are widely circulated. His illustrations/cartoons have featured in several art exhibitions, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find his work in many art galleries, offices and homes across the world. Mike is considered a master in the art of speaking through illustration.

Mike is now available for booking; wouldn’t you like to have him thrill the audience with unique perspective at your next major event?

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“We will continue to aggressively grow the number of important talents being listed on our platform – Africa speakers Group”, says Odinaka Iloh, the founder of Africa Speakers Group.

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